The Crafting of my Family

As a child I was always fascinated by women in movies and life that were strong both mentally and physically; Grace Jones, Princess Diana, Madonna, to name a few. Those women embodied greatness to my 11-year-old mind. They were feminine without loosing their power. They had grace and style, intelligence and depth. My mother set the standard for this feeling of awe I had in my youth. She was a black belt in many different types of karate. She also put herself through college while raising me, wrote poetry, sang and played instruments.

From a different angle my father never saw it strange to teach me how an engine works; to let me help him fix the car. I would hand him tools and even help in the process now and then. When I got my first car he taught me how to change the tire, the oil, and make sure the fluids were all there. He never told me I couldn’t do it because I was a girl. He included me and that empowered me. It taught me I could do what I set my mind to. I could learn new skills and not be afraid to step into territories typically reserved for others. He also taught me to play the guitar.

His mother my Grandmother taught me the art of crochet and only after she passed did I fully devote myself to this craft, not wanting to lose what had been passed to her and then to me. She was also a very strong-willed woman and would always say in her house, “It’s my house, I do what I want.”

My Grandmother on my mother’s side played the violin. My Aunts create, garden, can, pickle, bake, crochet and quilt. It is that strength and feeling of empowerment I try to put in to everything I do. My work is bold because I want those wearing it to feel as I did when my dad said, “hand me that wrench.” Funny I know, but I didn’t shy away because I was a girl, I grabbed that wrench and got dirty.

Working with my hands and creating was never something that was looked down upon in my home. It was encouraged. I’m grateful to be able to share these lessons and gifts with you. I hope you find inspiration in them.


Here are some of my more crafted pieces.



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