PTSD: Hold Space. End Victim Shaming

Being a victim is not a bad thing. Getting trapped in victim mindset can be, but until we learn to hold space for the abused, to fully acknowledge what they have been through and let them express their truth in a safe container, the “victim” may not be able to escape the mindset. Without a... Continue Reading →


c/PTSD: Recovering From Abuse

I can say from my own experience, that with time and a nurturing system of safe and supportive people I jump a lot less. I panic maybe once a year. I get triggers but they don't cripple me like they used to.   Boundaries are essential while we recover from abuse of any kind. Once... Continue Reading →


Everyday Every Day Here Can be a battle For some and for me A war no one else Knows is waged. And when stuttering for words, Trapped in a mouth Repeatedly shut by rage, Anger ignites again in the other And again, more of the same. "Answer me!" "What are you stupid?" "What's wrong with... Continue Reading →


The answers are within you. Release judgement Over yourself. Release the voice Of fear. Seek the voice Of love. It may seem impossible But if you start by feeling it Instead of fear It's voice will get louder. You have the ability to Learn the true nature Of love Within you. You need merely Believe... Continue Reading →

My Deepest Wish

It is my deepest wish that each of us find the majesty of our own souls, That each of us abandon Self hatred and abuse, That each of us remember Our inherent divine worth, That each of us never again placate To the subjugation of another, That each of us rise above fear, That each... Continue Reading →

Little Bird Warrior

I feel you softly Like a bird, A whisper of touch, The small pricks of tiny claws, Too delicate to cut flesh, Too tender to impart harm. I've seen you, fly and plummet, Try and fail, Sink and rise above. I've seen your spirit Tiny Ineffectual to your own eyes Yet vibrant to mine And... Continue Reading →


The man that said he loved me Kicked me in the chest With boots. Told me curses Told me lies. Told me I deserved to die inside. So I did. My Mother Handed out insults like candies Fists on holiday's Hate and pain Rolled out like a parade On the daily. And now they say... Continue Reading →

Ptsd And Me

I find it hard to be friends with people that only want to see the best parts of me. I am not sure this is good or bad, or if such a thing can even be quantified. For years of my life I hid the fact that I had PTSD. I only told my really... Continue Reading →

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