Sometimes It feels like Being bound by tar Doesn't it? Rising... Lifting oneself up, It can feel like tar Has trapped the spirit To the ground And any movement Towards the heavens Is mired by a A sticky prison, Trapped. That's how I feel Sometimes. Surrounded By a quagmire Deep And sinking With a firm... Continue Reading →


Loving you

I'm loving you all, in all your glorious differences and manifestations. I'm holding space for where you are right now; happy, sad, triumphant, mad . . . I'm loving YOU right now as you are. ❤️✨🙏🏻 Can you feel it?

Mission To Rise

This life of mine How it has made me shrink From loose lips That said too much About how I was Not enough And I hung my head in shame Thinking I was the one That was always to blame For wicked transgressions For my looks too true My rage boiling Out through glances And... Continue Reading →

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