PTSD: Hold Space. End Victim Shaming

Being a victim is not a bad thing. Getting trapped in victim mindset can be, but until we learn to hold space for the abused, to fully acknowledge what they have been through and let them express their truth in a safe container, the “victim” may not be able to escape the mindset. Without a... Continue Reading →


Poem: Align

Your mind Holds your wisdom Your heart Holds your compass Your stomach Holds your intuition Your loins Your passion Your legs Carry the weight Your feet Hold the map And when we seek With alignment We aim true In our purpose -Angel Marie Russell

Autism/PTSD: Self Doubt

I know what it's like to doubt myself. When I do I think about how my worth does not come from another. My Mom was very abusive. She taught me I was to blame for all that ailed her and that I was worthless. And I believed her. It took years of practicing self love... Continue Reading →

c/PTSD: You Can Heal

Whenever I struggle to fight for myself. I write a letter to myself like I'm not me. I tell myself all the things I long to hear. And it took a long time, but I really believe it now. I'm worth fighting for. We all are. You are so worthy of so much love and... Continue Reading →

Autism: When My Mother Died

  When my Mother died it broke my heart in ways that I will never be properly able to explain in words. I came out of my paralyzing grief a different person. Make no mistake, I am still grieving. I will always have this new knowledge of this thing called grief. I do not believe... Continue Reading →

c/PTSD: Recovering From Abuse

I can say from my own experience, that with time and a nurturing system of safe and supportive people I jump a lot less. I panic maybe once a year. I get triggers but they don't cripple me like they used to.   Boundaries are essential while we recover from abuse of any kind. Once... Continue Reading →


Everyday Every Day Here Can be a battle For some and for me A war no one else Knows is waged. And when stuttering for words, Trapped in a mouth Repeatedly shut by rage, Anger ignites again in the other And again, more of the same. "Answer me!" "What are you stupid?" "What's wrong with... Continue Reading →

The Cavern And The Lift

Deep in the confusion of my mind, The harrows of my bodies pain, The depth within, There is a quiet place. There is also an ache A cavernous valley That deep recess within me, That I teeter the edge of Frequently And it threatens often To swallow me whole. Don't look down they say. Breathe... Continue Reading →


You may not know this By looking at me, My small frame, And fragile looking face, You may not notice In the quiet of my stare The fierceness lurking there. You may not see what is Right in front you As the world has said She is weak. As woman, let's ignore her Lest she... Continue Reading →

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