Poem: For My Grandpa

~For my Grandpa~ He was made Like the mountains Standing tall sturdy Strong With gently guarded Meadows at his feet Nourishing the smallest The youngest and the weak. He stood firm In the face of trouble "Why worry what we cannot change?" He faced danger with courage A shotgun, a fist full of dollars, Sweat... Continue Reading →


Poem: Heart 

I will forever be Amazed at the depth With which my heart Can ache. I will ever be astounded At the depth With which it Can encompass And release love. And the World It moves me To stopping, Paralyzed by both Beauty and fear. And even still My tiny heart Beats perfect And with such... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hunt

My nose has found the scent Along the trail. My senses all attuned With no distractions. My feet sturdy but soft Pad the tender forest floor And my pace quickens Ever so My breath becomes a rhythm That pulls me a long That pulse of my heart Ba Dum Ba Dum. My eyes they never... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dragon Woman

I'm breaking out Of a new shell There may be more scales And talons Than my last form. There may be deep darker hues To the creases in my Armored skin. There may be more of a gleam To the hue of my eye There may be a murderous State set in the fine lines.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Astonishment

It's okay to plant your feet In the presence of those rising. Just as the bird in flight is to be Cherished for its beauty. We too can witness the rise without Succumbing to grief. For we are no different than they That have found their wings. We all mend at a different pace. We... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: Communicating Shame 

Twice today I have overheard people shaming the struggles of another. Both were in family units. Both were people shaming the other for speaking their pain. One was even the mother of a son. (Not anyone I know personally.) Please try and hold space for each other. We cannot always understand the struggles another experiences... Continue Reading →

Poem: Trigger Warning

(Trigger warning.) Someone told me Not to share my truth once, Because it is heavy and sad, And it can pull at the Strings of hearts. He told me stay quiet. He said war is caused By speaking true what we may Think of another. That by speaking pain, It is unleashed upon this world.... Continue Reading →

Autism Notes: Disclosure

If anyone tells you they are Autistic please do not presume to know their experience and respond by saying, "you don't look autistic," or "but you can make eye contact," or "well clearly your high on the spectrum," or "everyone is on the spectrum," or the dreaded, "you're not Autistic." These are all incredibly presumptuous,... Continue Reading →


There is a vast and swelling sea Within your eyes. I can see wonders there. They pull me in like the tide And if I didn't know how to swim I'm sure I'd drown in their beauty.

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