Poem: Align

Your mind Holds your wisdom Your heart Holds your compass Your stomach Holds your intuition Your loins Your passion Your legs Carry the weight Your feet Hold the map And when we seek With alignment We aim true In our purpose -Angel Marie Russell


Thoughts: Dear America

If you look out at the world and don't see a world of which you approve, I call upon you to take steps to help build a better one. For too long we have left the power in the hands of heroes, gurus, teachers, saviors, rescuers, leaders, and those claiming wisdom, enlightenment, awakening, an inspiring... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hunt

My nose has found the scent Along the trail. My senses all attuned With no distractions. My feet sturdy but soft Pad the tender forest floor And my pace quickens Ever so My breath becomes a rhythm That pulls me a long That pulse of my heart Ba Dum Ba Dum. My eyes they never... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dragon Woman

I'm breaking out Of a new shell There may be more scales And talons Than my last form. There may be deep darker hues To the creases in my Armored skin. There may be more of a gleam To the hue of my eye There may be a murderous State set in the fine lines.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Burn

We are. Each a being Of light Flame walkers Or night walkers We burn We water Made flesh Animated Yet, still We burn. We sometimes Burn each other up. Sometimes we drown In sorrows. We weep We spill water. Because we burn And the burning Becomes to much And we explode. We must quiet The... Continue Reading →

Poem: Astonishment

It's okay to plant your feet In the presence of those rising. Just as the bird in flight is to be Cherished for its beauty. We too can witness the rise without Succumbing to grief. For we are no different than they That have found their wings. We all mend at a different pace. We... Continue Reading →

Poem: Trigger Warning

(Trigger warning.) Someone told me Not to share my truth once, Because it is heavy and sad, And it can pull at the Strings of hearts. He told me stay quiet. He said war is caused By speaking true what we may Think of another. That by speaking pain, It is unleashed upon this world.... Continue Reading →


There is a vast and swelling sea Within your eyes. I can see wonders there. They pull me in like the tide And if I didn't know how to swim I'm sure I'd drown in their beauty.

The Tigers Way

There is a such a place Within my heart Where the mother wound Thrives And on days That celebrate Mother My heart cries, Derision to this day, A farce, A lie! Mother does not mean to me What it does to many. Or at least that is what I used to cry, Mother, oh mother,... Continue Reading →

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