You may not know this By looking at me, My small frame, And fragile looking face, You may not notice In the quiet of my stare The fierceness lurking there. You may not see what is Right in front you As the world has said She is weak. As woman, let's ignore her Lest she... Continue Reading →


Self Intent 

We were not made to Swallow poison, Lick heels, Or toe the line. We were made to Shine.

Heart Home

There is true sanctuary on this Earth. It is right in our very own hearts. There is where you will find LOVE and there is no truer home. So, we just go where we go. And no matter where we wander we will find LOVE along the way because LOVE walks with us. LOVE never... Continue Reading →

The Power to Rise

Believe in yourself. Each one of us has the power to rise. It is not some impossible feat. The power resides right inside your own irreplaceable and magnificent heart. Baby step if you have to, but step. ❤🙏🏻💪

Carry On

We do not seek to rise because it is easy, but for the view when aloft, the soaring of our hearts when in flight. We do not jump for lack of fear but for the promise of what facing that fear means, the plummet, the dive, the rush, the cleansing water beneath that bids us... Continue Reading →

My Deepest Wish

It is my deepest wish that each of us find the majesty of our own souls, That each of us abandon Self hatred and abuse, That each of us remember Our inherent divine worth, That each of us never again placate To the subjugation of another, That each of us rise above fear, That each... Continue Reading →


I never thought such a thing Would be easy, The dissection of the soul, The stitching together What was wrought assunder From repeated blows. Now, Reflecting on all the scars, The hours spent Searching the depths Through heavy mist, Sedate and determined To trace all the ways In which I was made to Keep going,... Continue Reading →

Who’s the Boss?

I think it is okay to let fear take the reigns every now and then because by letting fear lead we learn that love is a far better boss. Fear is close minded. It says we cannot when maybe we can. Fear tells us not to try. Fear keeps us meek and safe. The trick,... Continue Reading →


  I want to be very clear, that the patriarchal masculine or blind feminine idea of what femininity IS, is well, WRONG. You know why it's wrong? Weakness has been lumped, coerced, and pushed onto the definition of femininity, WITHOUT CONSENT, and is viewed as a feminine only dynamic. AND not only that, but weakness... Continue Reading →

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