Letters: Dear Brothers, Dear Sisters

"Dear Brothers, I must admit I am afraid of you. I must admit I am afraid you will not see me, but my frame. I am afraid you will hurt me, because I have survived domestic abuse. I am afraid you will judge me for being afraid. I am afraid you will only be my... Continue Reading →


Thoughts: Communicating Shame 

Twice today I have overheard people shaming the struggles of another. Both were in family units. Both were people shaming the other for speaking their pain. One was even the mother of a son. (Not anyone I know personally.) Please try and hold space for each other. We cannot always understand the struggles another experiences... Continue Reading →

Stars Resurrected

We are stars Resurrected, Given new life, To look back Into the void At how brightly We once pocketed Space with light. We are made of Stardust Carbon, Both diamond And flesh, As such, Inherently Luminous. Do not try to dim What cannot cease To shine. You are worthy You are love Truth Divine Made... Continue Reading →

True Worth

When I was young I was taught Love was a thing To be won. When I grew older I worked tirelessly To win the love Of those that would never Truly love me. And until I bravely peered Within the writhing Of my own wounded heart And learned to give love to myself, Until I... Continue Reading →

Heart Home

There is true sanctuary on this Earth. It is right in our very own hearts. There is where you will find LOVE and there is no truer home. So, we just go where we go. And no matter where we wander we will find LOVE along the way because LOVE walks with us. LOVE never... Continue Reading →

Love Lets Go 

Love is not about ownership. You must absolutely let someone go if that serves yours or their higher purpose. This does not mean that pain will not also come. When we love other humans, I think, it is imperative we remember love is not about ownership. We don't own our children. We mold them. Their... Continue Reading →

Carry On

We do not seek to rise because it is easy, but for the view when aloft, the soaring of our hearts when in flight. We do not jump for lack of fear but for the promise of what facing that fear means, the plummet, the dive, the rush, the cleansing water beneath that bids us... Continue Reading →

My Deepest Wish

It is my deepest wish that each of us find the majesty of our own souls, That each of us abandon Self hatred and abuse, That each of us remember Our inherent divine worth, That each of us never again placate To the subjugation of another, That each of us rise above fear, That each... Continue Reading →

Match And Flame

How can you expect a person to know what the light even is when they've lived for so long in the dark. How can anyone expect them to light anything if shadow and darkness was their birth place, torture and abuse, their caretakers, and now would you condemn them to stay in that darkness? When... Continue Reading →

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