Self Intent 

We were not made to Swallow poison, Lick heels, Or toe the line. We were made to Shine.


Listen to Love

What truly are you ruled by? Guilt, shame, fear? Who is telling you to Hang your head? Who is making you shorten The length of your steps? Do not believe the mistruth That tells you You are less than. That whispers "you can't." If this is indeed true If this was indeed love, Wouldn't it... Continue Reading →

What Guides You?

Do not allow desperation To guide your mind, Fear to whisper In you ear what you Should be, Or should not. Fear, you see, Is merely an alarm You have the power to Turn it off, When rooted in love. Love grounds. Love calms. Love holds the whimpering mind, And eases it's sighs, With warm... Continue Reading →

Loving you

I'm loving you all, in all your glorious differences and manifestations. I'm holding space for where you are right now; happy, sad, triumphant, mad . . . I'm loving YOU right now as you are. ❤️✨🙏🏻 Can you feel it?


Do not fear your shadow. It is there you hide your truth From you. Do not fear the darkness It is there you find strength, Courage to fight The weight of it's truth. Do not fear sharing this weight. Connection, like thread Sews up your wounds That cut to the marrow To be seen In... Continue Reading →

Love Waits Within

I know what forced smiles feel like I know what it is to pretend I'm okay I'm not a pretender anymore... I see though life Was interrupted I learned to live To love Anew, And again I know what it is to whisper Between my words That say I'm fine I'm fine Has a sister... Continue Reading →

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