Self Intent 

We were not made to Swallow poison, Lick heels, Or toe the line. We were made to Shine.


True Worth

When I was young I was taught Love was a thing To be won. When I grew older I worked tirelessly To win the love Of those that would never Truly love me. And until I bravely peered Within the writhing Of my own wounded heart And learned to give love to myself, Until I... Continue Reading →

Love Lets Go 

Love is not about ownership. You must absolutely let someone go if that serves yours or their higher purpose. This does not mean that pain will not also come. When we love other humans, I think, it is imperative we remember love is not about ownership. We don't own our children. We mold them. Their... Continue Reading →


The answers are within you. Release judgement Over yourself. Release the voice Of fear. Seek the voice Of love. It may seem impossible But if you start by feeling it Instead of fear It's voice will get louder. You have the ability to Learn the true nature Of love Within you. You need merely Believe... Continue Reading →

The Plummet Before the Rise

They say Be Strong So, yea I'm sure I've done What they said. I'm sure I've lifted myself up When other's would Have given in. I've been towed Undercurrent. I've been plowed over, Trodden, and seeded. I've been covered in dirt. Toppled over and under, Until the tide receded. I've climbed above the surface. I... Continue Reading →

Love Is a Sea Shanty

If love is a two way street I want to learn to walk In every way Forwards, backwards Inside and out Really though, I think love is a vast and Swelling sea Sometimes it even threatens At swallowing me It slams us into each other It sets us adrift It can leave us In the... Continue Reading →

The Pause

I saw the moment you Caught your tongue The precious moment Before I love you. Oh, but do not pause! Do not hesitate my love! Do not be afraid! Oh, love How terrifying... How we were ripped from The womb The silent hum of space The inky depth of the Universe, Each of us, The... Continue Reading →

Stand Firm

October 4, 2016 It is through love we find our strength. Through love we learn We are not weak. Stand firm my child Do not buckle Under pressure. Do not collapse From the weight. For love is stronger, Larger, More powerful, Than your hurt. Let it embrace you. Let it fill Your empty arms And... Continue Reading →

Love Is Waiting

  Love is waiting For you to release your fear. It is waiting for you To become so boldly and Authentically rooted, That you can't help but Give this love fiercely To yourself. Through walking in Your own truth You open, soften, and release. You are readily made to love, To feel it You need... Continue Reading →

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