Autism/PTSD: Self Doubt

I know what it's like to doubt myself. When I do I think about how my worth does not come from another. My Mom was very abusive. She taught me I was to blame for all that ailed her and that I was worthless. And I believed her. It took years of practicing self love... Continue Reading →


Letters: Dear Brothers, Dear Sisters

"Dear Brothers, I must admit I am afraid of you. I must admit I am afraid you will not see me, but my frame. I am afraid you will hurt me, because I have survived domestic abuse. I am afraid you will judge me for being afraid. I am afraid you will only be my... Continue Reading →

Heart Home

There is true sanctuary on this Earth. It is right in our very own hearts. There is where you will find LOVE and there is no truer home. So, we just go where we go. And no matter where we wander we will find LOVE along the way because LOVE walks with us. LOVE never... Continue Reading →


I never thought such a thing Would be easy, The dissection of the soul, The stitching together What was wrought assunder From repeated blows. Now, Reflecting on all the scars, The hours spent Searching the depths Through heavy mist, Sedate and determined To trace all the ways In which I was made to Keep going,... Continue Reading →

She and I

I gave my wounds a face. I did this because she Needed So much love. She broke and hurt And almost died. And she Needed So much love. So, I gave her a face, a body, A place I braided her hair When she couldn't speak. I held her close When she couldn't sleep. I... Continue Reading →


I want to heal The whole world. I would die A thousand times To do so. I would melt And quake And rush water Over every soul To clean them. It's been done, Tragic, The aftermath. Wasted, Watchful, Haunted, The Survivors. They don't learn. Savior comes, Loves, upends All the tables, In all the homes.... Continue Reading →


Blame is a tricky game. It doesn't usually lead to the truth it would have you believe. You did this to me. You are to blame. What does this serve? Who does this serve? Yes, I have been victim to the abuse of others. Yes, I have blamed them for my abuse. Yet I've seen... Continue Reading →

Heart Songs

The soliloquies of my heart Speak of mountain tops Covered in whispers of snow Like gentle blankets holding water For newborns in Spring It speaks of the passing clouds Bouncing sunbeams into rainbows And a child's first cry Harkening to the love held in a Thousand lives before My heart knows the beauty held In... Continue Reading →

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