Poem: Align

Your mind Holds your wisdom Your heart Holds your compass Your stomach Holds your intuition Your loins Your passion Your legs Carry the weight Your feet Hold the map And when we seek With alignment We aim true In our purpose -Angel Marie Russell


Thoughts: Dear America

If you look out at the world and don't see a world of which you approve, I call upon you to take steps to help build a better one. For too long we have left the power in the hands of heroes, gurus, teachers, saviors, rescuers, leaders, and those claiming wisdom, enlightenment, awakening, an inspiring... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hunt

My nose has found the scent Along the trail. My senses all attuned With no distractions. My feet sturdy but soft Pad the tender forest floor And my pace quickens Ever so My breath becomes a rhythm That pulls me a long That pulse of my heart Ba Dum Ba Dum. My eyes they never... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dragon Woman

I'm breaking out Of a new shell There may be more scales And talons Than my last form. There may be deep darker hues To the creases in my Armored skin. There may be more of a gleam To the hue of my eye There may be a murderous State set in the fine lines.... Continue Reading →

Autism Notes: Disclosure

If anyone tells you they are Autistic please do not presume to know their experience and respond by saying, "you don't look autistic," or "but you can make eye contact," or "well clearly your high on the spectrum," or "everyone is on the spectrum," or the dreaded, "you're not Autistic." These are all incredibly presumptuous,... Continue Reading →

The Dam

Please don't leave me here In the puddled remains After the dam broke And everything I held in For so long came rushing  Quickly out.  Please don't judge me harshly For a life that ate pieces of me; More than it gave, Ripped me apart faster than, I could heal, runaway, or be saved. Please... Continue Reading →


Hope lies in the tethers That connect my heart to love, The cords that bind My mind to the chorus of birdsong above. I forget to look there, In the eyes of a babe, In each and every golden ray Of the sun, And the wisp of wind That blows my heart undone. And the... Continue Reading →

2 Poems

I am grateful For the hearts that ache That see my light Even when despair Takes my fondness for flight. -- I am vocal about my struggles Not because I am weak It is strength With which I speak To show others I know their pain And I'm not afraid To be vulnerable. Do not... Continue Reading →


You may not know this By looking at me, My small frame, And fragile looking face, You may not notice In the quiet of my stare The fierceness lurking there. You may not see what is Right in front you As the world has said She is weak. As woman, let's ignore her Lest she... Continue Reading →

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