Poem: Burn

We are. Each a being Of light Flame walkers Or night walkers We burn We water Made flesh Animated Yet, still We burn. We sometimes Burn each other up. Sometimes we drown In sorrows. We weep We spill water. Because we burn And the burning Becomes to much And we explode. We must quiet The... Continue Reading →



There is a vast and swelling sea Within your eyes. I can see wonders there. They pull me in like the tide And if I didn't know how to swim I'm sure I'd drown in their beauty.

Soul Fragments 

I have told myself Time and time again When I see another's life Full of beauty, vibrancy, and success, That it isn't for me. That a rich and full healthy life Is not for me. I am other. I am broken. I am used up. I am ... No. I say no to this voice.... Continue Reading →

The lost and found girl 

THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL: I have recently discovered that I am on the Autism Spectrum. I am 35 years old. I am sure that many of you can imagine what a change such a realization would bring to someone. My entire world view has been flipped on its head. I have struggled socially all... Continue Reading →


Life is so much more lovely when we have faith and trust in love, but in a world that taught us the wrong version of love, or that the opposite was true, it came be very very hard to trust love. And not only that, it can be hard to think that love is even... Continue Reading →

The Dance Of The Shadow Walker

My emotions are waves Like the tide. I am the flow; the ebb of the tide. I am the water, frozen, liquid, never ceasing and ever changing. Don't give up. Don't give in. I can win. This is the process; life and death and life again. The darkness does not scare me. I am not... Continue Reading →


The words are stuck In my throat Like memories that recall Tragedy For once one has Lived through such It is not so easy to forget The chaos, The dread, The waking terror of Daymares Once known as real So echoes of the past Call up out of no where Like an old friendship That... Continue Reading →

Love Does Not Cease

Love does not cease When the shadow lurks Love does not cease When the hawk Plummets in bloodlust Hungry and murderous. No, not even then. Love is present always, In all things, In all life. It is the thread with Which all was tapestried. Love is the cell wall Enveloping Permeable To all callous invaders... Continue Reading →

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