PTSD: Hold Space. End Victim Shaming

Being a victim is not a bad thing. Getting trapped in victim mindset can be, but until we learn to hold space for the abused, to fully acknowledge what they have been through and let them express their truth in a safe container, the “victim” may not be able to escape the mindset. Without a... Continue Reading →


Poem: Align

Your mind Holds your wisdom Your heart Holds your compass Your stomach Holds your intuition Your loins Your passion Your legs Carry the weight Your feet Hold the map And when we seek With alignment We aim true In our purpose -Angel Marie Russell

Thoughts: Dear America

If you look out at the world and don't see a world of which you approve, I call upon you to take steps to help build a better one. For too long we have left the power in the hands of heroes, gurus, teachers, saviors, rescuers, leaders, and those claiming wisdom, enlightenment, awakening, an inspiring... Continue Reading →

Autism/PTSD: Self Doubt

I know what it's like to doubt myself. When I do I think about how my worth does not come from another. My Mom was very abusive. She taught me I was to blame for all that ailed her and that I was worthless. And I believed her. It took years of practicing self love... Continue Reading →

Poem: Reflection

I'm afraid You'll miss me In a sea of perception. I'm worried You'll miss the spark That lives in me. Because you see Blinded By how you view. I'm worried You won't notice The Love That flames with fury, Bright light Liquid heat, That feeds my heart, That pulses in my veins. I'm worried You'll... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: Trees

As a child I took this pose so many times. It was a natural setting for me. I was pulled towards trees in all their strength and magnificence. I would wrap my arms around them and hold them tight. No one taught me to hug trees l, I just did. I would put my hand... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Flame

I am but a spark As fleeting as flame On a windy day, Blown asunder By competing forces For air. My last breath As temporary As the smoke wisps Thrown into pieces Of ether After extinguished. And I could think On such a state of being As a travesty, Undone By forces beyond My control.... Continue Reading →

Poetry: The Storms

I feel so much better When the storms Arrive Because the outside World Then resembles My insides I howl like the wind I expand and contrast I spin and whirl I weep like the skies I lose control and unleash fury Caged like some beast Imprisoned but alive The storm knows What rage whelps my... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Being

There is no too... There just is. We are as we are meant to be. We are not too much Of anything. The star does not Ponder if it burns too bright. It just burns. We are. I am. You are. Being is as simple and Splendiferous as that. -Angel Marie Russell

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