Attraction and Love

Lost Ghost

Attraction and love are not the same.
Attraction often pours out from a wound begging to be healed.
If we feed the wound with more abuse the wound continues to bleed.
If we follow attraction blindly we never allow the stitches to set.
We keep ripping it open.

Where does attraction begin and why?
By nature abuse survivors may be attracted to abuse.
Love is not a drug. Love heals.

Love gives us the space and time to mend.
This is why we must learn to find love for ourselves.
Can you say I love you in the mirror?
We all deserve to stop bleeding.

Love can guide us true.
Once healed we attract and are attracted to what heals us.
This is how love gives us wings.

Chasing love like a drug is a temporary high.
Gravity remains constant and the plummet is inevitable.

-Angel Marie Russell

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