Autism Notes: Ep. 1 Why Diagnosis Matters

I'm sure there are all kinds of mistakes in this. It is my first attempt. I have never done anything like this so please forgive me if I don't communicate effectively. I am going to try and write a script or bullet points for the next one so I don't ramble and say um and... Continue Reading →


Autism: Advocacy

I had nightmares last night. If I dream often it is a nightmare. I used to have amazing powerful dreams. I always fly in them. I build machines to fly and have abilities. But these dreams have stopped lately. I'm also often saving people from wrecks. Or guiding people through the apocalypse. Some say this... Continue Reading →

Poem: Burn

We are. Each a being Of light Flame walkers Or night walkers We burn We water Made flesh Animated Yet, still We burn. We sometimes Burn each other up. Sometimes we drown In sorrows. We weep We spill water. Because we burn And the burning Becomes to much And we explode. We must quiet The... Continue Reading →

Autism: Vaccines Causing Autism

I do not think vaccines caused my Autism. I am not willing to change my mind about this. This does not mean I do not care deeply for all those affected very severely by Autism. This does not mean I don't understand how difficult it is to help raise a child with Autism, especially as... Continue Reading →


"Speaking truth will ruffle feathers. We need to start having difficult conversations. We can learn to listen to understand." "A Phoenix is a light being birthed from darkness." "My existence challenges deeply held core beliefs."

Poem: Weapons

Sometimes words are Intentionally weaponized. Own your reactions. Like the trigger. They that speak Have no hold over the Explosion But they do wish to incite Violence. Breathe deep And do not Release the bomb. Remember love. And ground. Sigh. And walk away. You cannot reason With madness. -Angel Marie Russell

Autism Notes: Autism in GirlsĀ 

"A 2012 study by cognitive neuroscientist Francesca Happ of King's College London and her colleagues compared the occurrence of autism traits and formal diagnoses in a sample of more than 15,000 twins. They found that if boys and girls had a similar level of such traits, the girls needed to have either more behavioral problems... Continue Reading →

Poem: Burn

My breath holds Like the air before the wind. My heart slows Almost stopping My eyes hold firm My hands grip tightly There is a wild here Within the veins Within the breath There is storm Within the gaze There is the hunt Within the feet There is the run And oh, how we folly... Continue Reading →

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