The Temple Within

Lost Ghost

In-visioning inspired by Sara Sophia Eisenman and all the roses.

I see a path lit by many (safe) candles surrounded by gardens tended with love. I see fireflies and hear the crickets chirp. I hear the owl far off and the quick retreat of the scurrying mouse. There’s a bit of a breeze tugging at my veil and tickling my nose. This path has been walked many times before by feet nimble, solemn, and swift. There is a bell in the distance, not of urgency, but of soft welcoming home. It tolls for the sisters that have come before and have yet to arrive.

We each hold a piece of magic in our hearts and know with a sense of peace where each step falls, as it should, purposed, knowing, and whole. The path is embraced by trees covering, and moss tickles the tips of our toes. We are together…

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