Heart’s Mercy

Lost Ghost

I’ve got my bloody fist
Lifted towards the sky

My face is wet from
That never seem to dry

My beating heart is
Within my bloodied fist

And writ upon it is every
And empty wish

And my voice has long since
From screaming at the sky

With desperation all I’ve left is my
Beating with the why

Why is there so much aching?
Why is there so much pain?
Why must we rise so high
Only to fall again?

Why do we feel abandoned
If we are truly held?
And why does my heart keep at it
Despite every emptying of the well.

Yes, my reserves are empty.
But, so is the vast and omnipresent sky.
Yes, my head is reeling
But so is every tumbled cloud.
And yes, my eyes are burning
But so is the sun so bright.
And it burns…

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