There is a vast and swelling sea Within your eyes. I can see wonders there. They pull me in like the tide And if I didn't know how to swim I'm sure I'd drown in their beauty.


The Temple Within

Lost Ghost

In-visioning inspired by Sara Sophia Eisenman and all the roses.

I see a path lit by many (safe) candles surrounded by gardens tended with love. I see fireflies and hear the crickets chirp. I hear the owl far off and the quick retreat of the scurrying mouse. There’s a bit of a breeze tugging at my veil and tickling my nose. This path has been walked many times before by feet nimble, solemn, and swift. There is a bell in the distance, not of urgency, but of soft welcoming home. It tolls for the sisters that have come before and have yet to arrive.

We each hold a piece of magic in our hearts and know with a sense of peace where each step falls, as it should, purposed, knowing, and whole. The path is embraced by trees covering, and moss tickles the tips of our toes. We are together…

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Lost Ghost


You are a river
Bend and Flow
Over and through
Cradled by the land
Welcomed by the sea

Crash over the cliff
That feels torrential
During the fall but
Always at the bottom

-Angel Marie Russell

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Lost Ghost

~When Healing~

Do not abandon yourself
To the darkness.
Do not let the children within
Remain forgotten
And alone.

Do not ignore the ache
Lest it swallow you.
Darkness when shunned
Has a habit to hound.

Though also,
Do not be afraid.
For this darkness can be
A cooling balm.

This shadow from which we retreat
Can soothe the scorch of the sun.
Do not make a dungeon
Of the darkness.

Resist fear and loosen
The cords that bind.
Close your eyes and feel the calm.
Retreat within and find
All that is hidden there.

Its lesson is only temporary
And it has longed so for love.
Each and every broken piece
Aches to return to the light.

We are the pillars,
The equilibrium,
With which our energy flows
Over and through.

We are the force with which
We navigate the storm
And the paradise within.
We are the pivot

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Lost Ghost

Do not allow any diagnosis, judgement, or label define you. You are as expansive and unnameable as the vast and ever spreading universe. You are as bright as the sun. You are all and nothing all at once. You are a paradox and truth. You are. You cannot be contained or defined.

There are only lessons and roadsigns along your path. You pick where you place your feet and in what direction you choose to roam.

I choose to be all that I am and all that can never be contained within any diagnosis, label, or judgement. But I can use information to further my own healing.

I am currently juggling this intense path of healing. It always comes back to, “Who am I?” “What am I?” Why am I here?”

Only we can answer those questions for ourselves.

I choose to be an enigma.


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Heart’s Mercy

Lost Ghost

I’ve got my bloody fist
Lifted towards the sky

My face is wet from
That never seem to dry

My beating heart is
Within my bloodied fist

And writ upon it is every
And empty wish

And my voice has long since
From screaming at the sky

With desperation all I’ve left is my
Beating with the why

Why is there so much aching?
Why is there so much pain?
Why must we rise so high
Only to fall again?

Why do we feel abandoned
If we are truly held?
And why does my heart keep at it
Despite every emptying of the well.

Yes, my reserves are empty.
But, so is the vast and omnipresent sky.
Yes, my head is reeling
But so is every tumbled cloud.
And yes, my eyes are burning
But so is the sun so bright.
And it burns…

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