Life is so much more lovely when we have faith and trust in love, but in a world that taught us the wrong version of love, or that the opposite was true, it came be very very hard to trust love. And not only that, it can be hard to think that love is even real.

I do not mean love from another when I say this. Yes, I know love from another is where we can receive love, but often hurt people give us their pain in the guise of love. And if we have been spoon fed this kind of love our whole lives we might not even recognize what we are being fed. We may eat up harm like it’s vanilla pudding, or whatever treat you enjoy eating.

See, love was not made to be dispensed in this way, love is. That’s it. Love just is. Love is when you can’t feel it. Love is when you can’t see it. Love is present in the eye if the hawk and the sting of the bumble bee. And yes, that can be confusing.

Love is in the same way that you are. It exists as you exist. It breaths as you breathe, it holds you when you are aching and feeling anything other than love and are blinded to it by pain.

I have seen in my life of trial, trauma, and pain, that love is always there waiting on the other said of agony. Love just is, as we are. It is there in the quiet of our minds waiting to be seen and felt just as we crave to be seen and heard in our truth. And this love that I speak of is already waiting inside of your very own heart.

You can learn how to give love to yourself. You can learn how to give yourself what you so desperately want to hear. You ARE worthy. You ARE beautiful. Yes! Exactly as you are and love is there waiting fervently for you to embrace it as it already is holding you.

With love as your compass, it can guide out of pain and back to the truth. That you are as love is. You ARE love. It is inside you, I promise. You need merely learn and understand what healthy love is and once you know that you can give this love to yourself. The well will not run dry.

Say yes.
Say yes to love
and trust in it’s certainty
That even you
Are so worthy of love it leaps
at the chance for you to know it.

You are worthy now.
You have always been worthy.
Love is real.
Love is true.
Love is inside of you.

Say yes with me.


-Angel Marie Russell


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