I've got a ceaseless  Desire to thrive, To come out of hell More alive  Than dead, Full of hope, more  Than dread. I want to build the foundation Over again. I want to smooth all the wrinkles In my timeline And fill each  Splendiferous crack with  Sparkling golden wonder. I am the flame that once... Continue Reading →



Life is so much more lovely when we have faith and trust in love, but in a world that taught us the wrong version of love, or that the opposite was true, it came be very very hard to trust love. And not only that, it can be hard to think that love is even... Continue Reading →

The Tigers Way

There is a such a place Within my heart Where the mother wound Thrives And on days That celebrate Mother My heart cries, Derision to this day, A farce, A lie! Mother does not mean to me What it does to many. Or at least that is what I used to cry, Mother, oh mother,... Continue Reading →

The Dance Of The Shadow Walker

My emotions are waves Like the tide. I am the flow; the ebb of the tide. I am the water, frozen, liquid, never ceasing and ever changing. Don't give up. Don't give in. I can win. This is the process; life and death and life again. The darkness does not scare me. I am not... Continue Reading →

The Dam

Please don't leave me here In the puddled remains After the dam broke And everything I held in For so long came rushing  Quickly out.  Please don't judge me harshly For a life that ate pieces of me; More than it gave, Ripped me apart faster than, I could heal, runaway, or be saved. Please... Continue Reading →


Hope lies in the tethers That connect my heart to love, The cords that bind My mind to the chorus of birdsong above. I forget to look there, In the eyes of a babe, In each and every golden ray Of the sun, And the wisp of wind That blows my heart undone. And the... Continue Reading →

2 Poems

I am grateful For the hearts that ache That see my light Even when despair Takes my fondness for flight. -- I am vocal about my struggles Not because I am weak It is strength With which I speak To show others I know their pain And I'm not afraid To be vulnerable. Do not... Continue Reading →


I used to carry the weight Of every person, animal, or insect That I met. I used to cradle, Hold, and lament  The pain with which they Paced. I used to want to take it from them And sometimes even did. The pain, you see, Was as real to me As they, And I lifted... Continue Reading →


Everyday Every Day Here Can be a battle For some and for me A war no one else Knows is waged. And when stuttering for words, Trapped in a mouth Repeatedly shut by rage, Anger ignites again in the other And again, more of the same. "Answer me!" "What are you stupid?" "What's wrong with... Continue Reading →

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