The Space Between

The world is always new again.
We are always inbetween
Then and what is to be.
We exist in the now
Enclosed in time
No way back,
Only forward,
Neither here nor there.

We are the pause
Before the exhale
The wish upon the lips
Of our foremothers.
We beat with their
Rhythmic heart
We yearn for dreams
Both theirs and ours.
We breathe.

And every moment
Of everyday
Is different in every way,
But we’ve not time to notice.
We’ve not time to gaze
Upon the lofty breeze through
The trees;
The whisper of the wood
Come home,
You belong

So, we hang our heads and toil
Again and again.
We ignorant, festooned with
The tactile cold of marble columns,
The steel strength of mans facade.
We wish for a greater tomorrow
Without realizing
We’ve lost our way.
We’ve forgotten
Why we breathe in the first place.
We are
Lost, sick, lonely, and wounded.

Do not forget,
We are a whisper in time
An answered prayer,
We are wayfarers and watchers
We are born to love
To care, to survive.
We pulse with the
Rhythm of nature
We warm our bones
With the light of a star
And our soul dances with the tide
Pulled languidly by the moon.

We are as the world is
It’s illness becomes our own.
It’s pain bursts aflame in our flesh,
And we have forgotten
We are the children
Of the mother
Resting in every stone,
Rooted in every tree,
We are the hope of the world,
And choose to be blind
My heart laments in grief.
If only we could see.

-Angel Marie Russell

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This is a panoramic I took of the sun setting and the moon rising on my beautiful island home. ❤💦🐳 the space between…


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