Energy Hums

When the world around you
Has gone mad
The world burnt asunder
The howls of the afflicted
The ash falling still
My soul observes a deep melancholy
A deep witnessing
The desolation of matter
The remnants
Set aflame
And with a spark set upwards
Souls alight
Blue, indigo, yellow, gold
Their energy hums
This world is not all there is
I cannot convince you
I cannot provide proof
But there is a soul inside you
Rattling your rib cage bars
Begging for you to listen
To the wisdom
Of the ethers
Begging you to wake up
Before fires engulf the world as it is
And Phoenixes rise mouth agape
Ready to devour what was
Ready to build what will be
New once again
Do not forget
Before you burst away from this plain.

-Angel Marie Russell
Art by Luis Royo


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