Beauty catches in my eyes
And they weep
That such a thing exists.

The wind
Leaves fluttering,

The softly padded foot
Of the agile feline
Trying to sneak attack my toes.

His eyes and the light behind
The shine of stars
Milky Way deep.

The bird aloft on wing
Rising ever upwards

The cloud caught
Mountain top,
The grass freshly cut,
Green streaked knees.
The whisker floating
Dust filled light.

Water weeping
rose petals,
The antenna of a bee
Covered in pillows
Of pollen
‘Twixt tiny feet
Being cleaned.

The hum of the
Stars silent
Winking secrets
From heaven
Reflected on the still lake.

The song gifted to time
Bled through fingers
On ivory keys.
The heart break
Old, ancient even
Still melancholy with ache
Through melody,
Postcard pain from the past.

Birdsong at daybreak,
Sun rays on my face.
The slope of your neck,
The way your hands hold
What you mean to keep safe.

The beauty
Chokes my lungs,
And takes my breath,
It burns like fire
Through veins,
It skips the heart,
It speaks to me
Begs me weep,
I take to sleep.
Aloft on the memory
Of dreams.

-Angel Marie Russell


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