Match And Flame

How can you expect a person
to know what the light even is
when they’ve lived for so long
in the dark.

How can anyone expect
them to light anything
if shadow and darkness
was their birth place,
torture and abuse,
their caretakers,
and now would you condemn
them to stay in that darkness?

When one is told
focus on the light and love.
Tell me exactly how a
child that grows up in shadow
can function as a
high vibration individual?
Tell me exactly how they
can be expected to understand
what light and love even mean.

Do not banish their shadow,
them, their hearts,
for not knowing what they
can’t possibly know,
that love is real.

One cannot light a fire
unless they are given
the skills and the tools
to do so.
Stop banishing the wounded
to darkness with no
Knowledge of tender grass
And spark.

Their darkness will not
consume you.
Love is far stronger
than any of that,
and if one has any inkling
of what that means
their demons
cannot assail you.

Truly, how can we become
when faced with
another’s shadow and
deny them the knowledge
of match and flame.

I am not afraid.
I will sit in that darkness with them
until they learn to make a spark.
I will hold them while they tremble
and fail to believe that they can
even manage
after so long being neglected
isolated and alone.

I will tend the fire for them
when they break from
I will pat their lonely brow
and whisper words of

I will sit in this dark place
because that dark place
was once my place.
I am no longer afraid.
I will not let those
Still trapped there

Give a Soul some of your light,
and you heal them for a Day.
Teach a soul to light their own light,
and you heal them for a Lifetime.

This light and love,
this high vibration in me,
was learned in the
swamps and shallows.
Was formed on the low vibration
My human heart beat drum.
The bass in the symphony
To your sparkling high

The darkness was my Mother
and from her birthed
this light in me.

Do not banish another’s darkness
for fear of your own shadow.
Let us sit together
light and shadow alike
demons consoling demons
light illuminating more light,
let us see the balance to love.

Let us dance and receive
the wisdom from the
shadow walkers.
Let us love them there
even in that place,
consumed in darkness.

Let us sit with them
until they learn
another way of being.
Let us love the broken,
the wayward,
the lost,
let us ready the grounds
and welcome them in.

Let us love them there
where no one could.
Let us teach them boundaries
by showing them our own.
Above all let us be kind to the
broken hearted.
Through our kindness
together we ALL shall rise.

Love and light or
Flame and shadow
Rise Phoenix rise
Broken hearted
Come alive inside.
You are not alone
in this darkness.
Not anymore.
I see you.
I hear you.
I believe you.
I will listen.
I will teach you.

~Angel Marie Russell

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