The Army Inside You

You have an army inside you.
Fear is your general.
Despair is your prison guard.
Anger, your troops
Readied for battle.

Lo it is imperative
To remember
You are their ruler.
You are the Queen,
The King,
Commanding and powerful.
You decide how and when to use
These allies.

Do not lock yourself in the tower
Forgetting your worth.
Do not leave your kingdom
Parts of you left to squabble
Over bread,
Fear demanding despair
Give way
Anger threatening at the edge
Almost enraged.

Take heed
Take your crown
And lead.
These are your allies
These are your finely tuned
Knights guard.
Lead them.
Do not let them lead you.

Love is your scepter.
Lead them all with love
And see them relent
To your wisdom
When your worth is reclaimed
And enthroned with love.

-Angel Marie Russell


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