Listen to love

What does love tell you?
Are you listening to its voice?
Does fear linger
where love longs to bloom?

Do not forget
love is readily available within.
The more you try to find its voice
the easier it becomes.

The more you listen to it
The louder it gets.
Find love
And listen intently.

Fear is a manipulating guardian,
Despair is too low to know true potential or worth,
Love is the great mediator.

It sees your worth.
It reminds you when despair visits.
It holds you when fear screams.
It takes your hand and shows you
Your bravery,
Your strength, perseverance, and determination.
Love lifts you.
It helps you stand
When you’re weak in the knees.

It is there waiting
to be heard
What does it say?

-Angel Marie Russell


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