Carry On

We do not seek to rise because it is easy, but for the view when aloft, the soaring of our hearts when in flight. We do not jump for lack of fear but for the promise of what facing that fear means, the plummet, the dive, the rush, the cleansing water beneath that bids us... Continue Reading →



The answers are within you. Release judgement Over yourself. Release the voice Of fear. Seek the voice Of love. It may seem impossible But if you start by feeling it Instead of fear It's voice will get louder. You have the ability to Learn the true nature Of love Within you. You need merely Believe... Continue Reading →

My Deepest Wish

It is my deepest wish that each of us find the majesty of our own souls, That each of us abandon Self hatred and abuse, That each of us remember Our inherent divine worth, That each of us never again placate To the subjugation of another, That each of us rise above fear, That each... Continue Reading →

Little Bird Warrior

I feel you softly Like a bird, A whisper of touch, The small pricks of tiny claws, Too delicate to cut flesh, Too tender to impart harm. I've seen you, fly and plummet, Try and fail, Sink and rise above. I've seen your spirit Tiny Ineffectual to your own eyes Yet vibrant to mine And... Continue Reading →

Energy Hums

When the world around you Has gone mad The world burnt asunder The howls of the afflicted Silenced The ash falling still My soul observes a deep melancholy A deep witnessing The desolation of matter The remnants Set aflame And with a spark set upwards Souls alight Blue, indigo, yellow, gold Their energy hums This... Continue Reading →


Beauty catches in my eyes And they weep Surprised That such a thing exists. The wind whispering, Leaves fluttering, The softly padded foot Of the agile feline Trying to sneak attack my toes. His eyes and the light behind The shine of stars Milky Way deep. The bird aloft on wing Rising ever upwards Effortlessly.... Continue Reading →

Match And Flame

How can you expect a person to know what the light even is when they've lived for so long in the dark. How can anyone expect them to light anything if shadow and darkness was their birth place, torture and abuse, their caretakers, and now would you condemn them to stay in that darkness? When... Continue Reading →

The Army Inside You

You have an army inside you. Fear is your general. Despair is your prison guard. Anger, your troops Readied for battle. Lo it is imperative To remember You are their ruler. You are the Queen, The King, Commanding and powerful. You decide how and when to use These allies. Do not lock yourself in the... Continue Reading →

Listen to love

What does love tell you? Are you listening to its voice? Does fear linger where love longs to bloom? Do not forget love is readily available within. The more you try to find its voice the easier it becomes. The more you listen to it The louder it gets. Find love And listen intently. Fear... Continue Reading →

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