Love Is a Sea Shanty

If love is a two way street
I want to learn to walk
In every way

Forwards, backwards
Inside and out
Really though,

I think love is a vast and
Swelling sea
Sometimes it even threatens
At swallowing me

It slams us into each other
It sets us adrift
It can leave us
In the dark
Cold and alone

And with a wave
Wash all of it away

I’ve gotten really crafty
At building boats
That actually float

And spent years
Treading water
When at first they sank

And now I set myself adrift
I’m handy at fishing too
Oh, what wonders I pull up
From the deep

That nourish me
And you
Yes, I think this version
Is more true
To what I know of love
The streets
And the sea.

-Angel Marie Russell

#saltlife #lovepoem


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