My Grandmother grew Rosemary After which she was named She smelled of flowers and flour She made cookies and pie Her bread was amazing And her hands small in size She was stubborn footed And immovable Set in her ways And if trouble found me I was sure I would pay I never found out... Continue Reading →



Once we knew our way By the beautiful features Of the land, The moon as it hung From the vast and shining sky, And the star True as ever To the North. We once wayed far and fast For fear of what wandered near And hungry. And the blood in our ears Hushed the cracks... Continue Reading →


I know what it is To be locked in a prison Wards deep Darkness more than light. The bars have no surface. I can grasp No cold metal frame. I can not smell the Dank and musty cell, Or feel the cobbled texture Of the walls entombing me. These confines were built Inside of me.... Continue Reading →


I never thought such a thing Would be easy, The dissection of the soul, The stitching together What was wrought assunder From repeated blows. Now, Reflecting on all the scars, The hours spent Searching the depths Through heavy mist, Sedate and determined To trace all the ways In which I was made to Keep going,... Continue Reading →


Bereft Is where my heart Meets my head Your name Brought up In conversation Grief stands now Where you once did The place at the table Emptied Long cold, neglected I glance there Briefly shadowed

Who’s the Boss?

I think it is okay to let fear take the reigns every now and then because by letting fear lead we learn that love is a far better boss. Fear is close minded. It says we cannot when maybe we can. Fear tells us not to try. Fear keeps us meek and safe. The trick,... Continue Reading →

I Want to Forgive You

I feel safer without you here. I am not sure who that says more about, Me or you. I want to forgive you. but my anger won't let me. I want to kick and scream. I want to pull at my hair. I want to rage at you Until you burst aflame. And I want... Continue Reading →

The Plummet Before the Rise

They say Be Strong So, yea I'm sure I've done What they said. I'm sure I've lifted myself up When other's would Have given in. I've been towed Undercurrent. I've been plowed over, Trodden, and seeded. I've been covered in dirt. Toppled over and under, Until the tide receded. I've climbed above the surface. I... Continue Reading →

Love Is a Sea Shanty

If love is a two way street I want to learn to walk In every way Forwards, backwards Inside and out Really though, I think love is a vast and Swelling sea Sometimes it even threatens At swallowing me It slams us into each other It sets us adrift It can leave us In the... Continue Reading →

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