Long Hiatus Due to Illness

Hello Friends,

I have not made anything for Sparrow Made co in a long while due to life circumstances and illness. I am currently suffering from Lyme and autoimmune disease and am mostly bedridden. Due to these circumstances I am creating what I can from bed. Any purchase you make now helps me in my ability to pay for medical and living expenses. I am also doing a fundraiser to help me in this journey and you can donate here. Lyme is difficult and complicated to heal from. I was treated with the standard 30 day treatment and that was extended to 90 days. I was not any better and became much sicker with the antibiotic treatment due to my autoimmune disease, because my body is already immune compromised I am having an extremely difficult time fighting off the Lyme bacteria. I am currently being treated by specialists and alternative healing methods.  Thank you for your continued support. I hope to make more interesting and fabulous items soon. I have, just like any winter before, been making crocheted items which are available for purchase on my facebook page here.



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