She and I

Aster, Oil Paint, Angel Marie Russell

I gave my wounds a face.
I did this because she
So much love.
She broke and hurt
And almost died.
And she
So much love.

So, I gave her a face, a body,
A place
I braided her hair
When she couldn’t speak.
I held her close
When she couldn’t sleep.
I told her she was beautiful.
I told her it was all
Going to be okay.

I learned how to feed her
And how to keep her safe.
I sang her songs.
I bathed her in sage.
I wrapped her in lace.
I loved her and loved her
Until she found her voice.

I let her speak through me.
I let her scream.
I let her take all the steps
She needed to
To heal all that had been

And now I’ve grown tired
For so long
I carried her weight.
And I see my own hands
Callused, trembling, and weak.
My wounded child
Has taken my place.

So, I’ll rock her to sleep
One final time
I’ll tell her she’s beautiful
And how bright she shines.
I’ll tell her all the ways
In which she
Has risen.

And when I lay her down
To sleep,
I’ll close my eyes
And bring her back
Into me.
Even with her
Scars and all
She’s a part,
A piece,
Of my soul.

And together
We will,
I will,
Once again
Be whole.

-Angel Marie Russell
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