Be Angry

Be angry
Go ahead,
Let it fill you.

Admit its presence
Is indeed within you.
Feel it.
It’s okay.

Everyone has told you
To simmer,
To submit,
To placate,
To allow abuse.

Say NO.
Let it boil to the surface.
Let it release.
It is possible
To do so
Without harming another
When love is your compass.

Let love be your compass
And rage will send you
On a path to change
So complete
It transforms the world.

Anger threw the tables
In Jerusalem.
Anger toppled the regimes
Of history.
Anger births

Start within.
Revitalize the inside
Throw over the tables
Of denial
And scream against that
Which would lead you to a prison

Speak up.
Speak out.
Love one another enough
To be angry.
Love one another enough
To protect.
Love one another enough
To defend.

Indifference is a blindfold.
One person is not free
Until all are.
We are far from free.
Until love is in power
We are not free.
It’s okay to let
Make you angry.

-Angel Marie Russell


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