I will always speak out against tyranny.
I will always condemn abuse.
I will not back down to this outrage out of fear.
I am the truth bringer.
The sword in the stone.
This world was not made to be owned, raped, and pillaged.
Its beings were not meant to be hauled off
like commodities to slaughter.
Carbon did not burst into life
to be bought and sold.
Our souls did not burst aflame
into our bodies to be manipulated by fear and propaganda.
My skin does not make me better.
My skin is a shell.
It is my soul that is on fire.
We all have more power than they would have us believe.
We all have the will and the need to be free.
Do not let fear conquer you.
Do not give in to the bleak.
DO NOT let the anger and villainy of one man or many
stop you in your fight for what is RIGHT.
We are ALL equal.
We are ALL mighty!
And together we can overcome!
We can rise against INJUSTICE.
We can rise against GREED!
We can take our world back.
We must always rally together
in the face of that which would silence us.
I am but one voice.
I am but one being,
but I know my own heart has the fire
that would scorch my oppressors.
We can live in peace and harmony.
We can take this world back.

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