Love Is Waiting

By Angel Marie Russell


Love is waiting
For you to release your fear.
It is waiting for you
To become so boldly and
Authentically rooted,
That you can’t help but
Give this love fiercely
To yourself.
Through walking in
Your own truth
You open, soften, and release.
You are
readily made to love,
To feel it
You need merely choose
To feel it for

To find the truth of love
Open your own heart
To the possibility
That even you deserve
Love that is so real
It confuses and terrifies.
And choose to walk
Forward despite
This fear.

Love will only let you fall
To become more truly
And even in darkness
Love is there
Silent, waiting, and ready
To hold you.

And no my beloved,
You will never be ready for it.
But if you’re brave
I’ll walk these tender paths
By your side
And together may we both
Shed this fear
To be seen and held as we are
In all of our flawed

-Angel Marie Russell

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