Long Hiatus Due to Illness

Hello Friends, I have not made anything for Sparrow Made co in a long while due to life circumstances and illness. I am currently suffering from Lyme and autoimmune disease and am mostly bedridden. Due to these circumstances I am creating what I can from bed. Any purchase you make now helps me in my... Continue Reading →


She and I

I gave my wounds a face. I did this because she Needed So much love. She broke and hurt And almost died. And she Needed So much love. So, I gave her a face, a body, A place I braided her hair When she couldn't speak. I held her close When she couldn't sleep. I... Continue Reading →

Angel Russell [Artist]

A review by an old friend of my musical discography! ❤


I will be the first to admit, I am truly fascinated by multi-faceted artists. It is a sort of fascination that moves beyond jealousy for a person’s abilities in the same field as yourself, and moves into more of a total awe for the fact that this person can do so much, at any given time. Some people in this world where simply destined to be artists. They were destined to create. The truly great artists of the world tend to be the type of folks who can have discovered the ability to showcase their entire livelihood and spirit into whatever art they have chosen to use to express themselves. And as I mentioned, sometimes people can perform these acts in a multitude of ways and means. And if you weren’t quite able to make the guess just yet, the amazing artist Angel Russell is without a doubt one of…

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Arm Yourself With Love

  Those that would seek to divide Are able to by Driving our emotions Like cattle. Come back to the quiet within. Listen, discern, calm And then choose love. Again and again and again. Remember what you truly believe. Forcing others to toe the line To your own Agenda Is the same sort Of coerciveness... Continue Reading →


I want to heal The whole world. I would die A thousand times To do so. I would melt And quake And rush water Over every soul To clean them. It's been done, Tragic, The aftermath. Wasted, Watchful, Haunted, The Survivors. They don't learn. Savior comes, Loves, upends All the tables, In all the homes.... Continue Reading →

The Pause

I saw the moment you Caught your tongue The precious moment Before I love you. Oh, but do not pause! Do not hesitate my love! Do not be afraid! Oh, love How terrifying... How we were ripped from The womb The silent hum of space The inky depth of the Universe, Each of us, The... Continue Reading →

Be Angry

Be angry Go ahead, Let it fill you. Admit its presence Is indeed within you. Rage. Feel it. It's okay. Everyone has told you To simmer, To submit, To placate, To allow abuse. Say NO. Let it boil to the surface. Let it release. It is possible To do so Without harming another When love... Continue Reading →

Fairy Mistakes

I've put hope and dreams Afloat on paper boats. I've paid diamonds For promises And wishes. I put faith in ALL The wrong places Looked for love writ On just, Any face. I believed in fairy tales, So much so, I jumped for marriages sake. Promises Promised Writ on contracts Sent adrift In paper boats... Continue Reading →

Man Without A Face

There's a man without a face That stalks my peace That threatens the pace With which I creep Through shadows. There's a deep, dark place Where I retreat Occasionally, When the spark of life grows dim And I forget myself. There's a place hollow And desperate to be filled Within me But that's a memory... Continue Reading →

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