Stand Up


Angel Marie Russell

What would it be
To stand up for our dreams
In a world that tells us
To keep them

What would it do
If every heart
The freedom
To fearlessly try it

What if each of our hearts
Dared to let loose
Uninhibited love
Free from shame
And silence

I challenge you to refuse to be
To release your visions
On this world like canons
Shoot weaponized death
Instead weaponize
Your breath
To speak love
Instead of hate

Dare to unleash your dreams
Instead of placate
Because standing hollow
In a world made
From abuse
Can only lead to more
We can all
Rise above the status quo
Instead we all tow the line
Turn the other cheek
It’s writ in books
Lay still
While dying inside
Because we were told
Whistling hens and
Chickens who crow
Never meet a good end

I’ve never been afraid to whistle
In fact I learned to play
The horn to call out triumphant
Every time one of my dreams
Birthed into being.
That my dear friends
Is in each of our natures
To shine
To grow
To dream
To be different.

I dare you to be spectacularly you
To rise up
To speak up
To be fully awakened
To dare to speak every dream aloud.
Be the highest version of you
Dare to walk in sync
With your own heart’s beat.
This world has had enough

-Angel Marie Russell

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