The Well

My past is a deep Dark well. When my mind quiets, I hear the drips Echoing against cobblestone. I smell moss growing And tadpoles nibbling at my toes. It almost feels safe If it weren't so Bloody cold. Sometimes It takes over, The feeling of it, And I forget I've climbed out. There's grass under... Continue Reading →


The Center

Always remember To never forget You are. I am. We are. Come back to your center In times of chaos And be held in this knowing. Breathe love Into all the quiet hurting spaces Breathe love in. Breathe love out. You are. Be still in this knowing. Be the calm in the center Of the... Continue Reading →


Blame is a tricky game. It doesn't usually lead to the truth it would have you believe. You did this to me. You are to blame. What does this serve? Who does this serve? Yes, I have been victim to the abuse of others. Yes, I have blamed them for my abuse. Yet I've seen... Continue Reading →


I was a prisoner I didn't build the bars but I was taught to live behind them So, for what feels like a life time I continued To keep myself caged My perspective My thoughts unrelenting The fear entrenched in my brain Kept me imprisoned Every fear a shackle Every thought despair's chains Healing meant... Continue Reading →

Stand Up

  What would it be To stand up for our dreams In a world that tells us To keep them Quiet What would it do If every heart Knew The freedom To fearlessly try it What if each of our hearts Dared to let loose Uninhibited love Free from shame Judgment And silence I challenge... Continue Reading →

Heart Songs

The soliloquies of my heart Speak of mountain tops Covered in whispers of snow Like gentle blankets holding water For newborns in Spring It speaks of the passing clouds Bouncing sunbeams into rainbows And a child's first cry Harkening to the love held in a Thousand lives before My heart knows the beauty held In... Continue Reading →

Love Worthy

Are we born into this world broken? When do we begin to Believe the lie That we are not worthy of Love? How does this lesson manifest Into so many quiet spaces In so many hearts? How can such a thing Created to love Feel unworthy Of love? Remember the whispers In the darkest places... Continue Reading →

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