Listen to Love


What truly are you ruled by?
Guilt, shame, fear?
Who is telling you to
Hang your head?
Who is making you shorten
The length of your steps?

Do not believe the mistruth
That tells you
You are less than.
That whispers “you can’t.”
If this is indeed true
If this was indeed love,
Wouldn’t it say “maybe you can.”
“Why don’t you try?”

And when you fail,
Say, “I have learned.”
And it will be easier next time
Because failure is actually growth.

And how can you fail
If you never try?
And would love truly shame you
Into meekness?
Would love truly tell you
To cease your attempts
At living in your truth?

And if this voice does not emanate
From a source of love,
Then why are you listening to it?
Truth comes from love
Not fear.
The truth of you?
Why, you are the living matter
That was once star.
Heavens waters
Course through your veins.
Each and every heart
Knows the rhythm of love.
And it’s body knows the beat
With which to dance.
And when centered in love’s voice
You shine like the star
The carbon you contain
Once knew.

You are the breath
The wind
The waters
The earth
And the fire of Suns
Burns in your eyes
And my God!
When I see the flame
My entire being is shaken
From the beauty
And cries.

Do not believe the lie…
That through this miracle
You merely exist
To die and never try.
I am in awe of every cell,
A gasp at every movement,
At every blink,
At every sigh,
At these moments
Right here in the now,
You are magnificently
Made to love.
Do not fear
Your own shine.
For its warmth
Creates your life.

-Angel Marie Russell

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Angel Marie Russell is a mental health advocate, writer, musician, and artist devoted to sharing her experience with PTSD as a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse through writing, music, and art. She is the writer and creator of Sergeant Sparrow, a music, art, and literary blog; Lost Ghost, a poetry and writing blog; and PTSD survivors of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, a Facebook page.


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