This whole idea of a hero…
Has it served us well?
This whole idea of another
Saving us
From oppression…
Has it saved us?

One can argue souls
One can claim faith in better days
But would not a savior
Teach us truly
How to save ourselves?

What have we given
To another
That was ours all along?
How often have we looked
To another
To better our station,
Our life,
Our troubles?
Has this whole idea of savior
Separated us from our own power
To heal?

Do we not save many
By taking responsibility
For ourselves?
Can anyone truly save us?
If we don’t recognize our own worth,
Our own power to affect great and sweeping change,
Can we ever truly be saved?

Heroes become so by rising up, by
Seeing the spark in their own hearts,
By being the change they so desperately seek.
So, my beloveds
Do not believe the lie
That you need saving.
Do not drink from the tainted well
That so many others drink.
Rise up.

Rise up
And speak.
You’ve had this power all along.
You’re made in image to stars
And your heart beats
With heaven’s song.
No one is as you are.
No one is beneath you.
No one is above you.
We are as they.
I am as you are.

You are the exhale of
Precious many lives.
You are the result of
Dreams and wishes,
Birthed into being,
Made to move mountains
With your mere presence.
Would that you knew the love
Contained within the holy vessel
Of your own beating heart.

-Angel Marie Russell

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Angel Marie Russell is a mental health advocate, writer, musician, and artist devoted to sharing her experience with PTSD as a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse through writing, music, and art. She is the writer and creator of Sergeant Sparrow, a music, art, and literary blog; Lost Ghost, a poetry and writing blog; and PTSD survivors of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, a Facebook page.


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