Love Will Find You

I’ve tasted pain,
Been made to drink
From polluted waters,
Been told
To calm down,
Even though I knew
All was not okay.
And it wasn’t…

But what a many splendid thing,
Is this life of mine.
What a journey through
Caverns of woe,
Mires of despair,
Thickets thick with thorns
That cut deep into my flesh,
My mind,
And my soul.

What loss…
What a mystery
That all of these paths
Have led me to here,
To love,
To an eternal bliss,
And heavens kiss,
That I might know
This thing
We have all named love.

And would I know it so fervently
Had I been denied it so frequently?
Would I be so affected by its touch
Had I been coddled in softness
And tender caresses?
Would I know
The depth it could travel,
How far it was willing to seek
In darkness,
To find even I,
A broken and fragile thing
Made raw by this world?

Would I know what it was
To have this divine love seek out even
The smallest of beings,
The faintest of hearts,
If I hadn’t heard Her calling
Even me,
And knowing me by name?

Truly I tell you,
I would seek these same paths
Learn forgiveness again
For the most bitter of my enemies
If the way again
Led me to here,
To love.

And with fondness,
I hope that you may find
What I have,
Without such a harrowing walk Facing The worst of fears,
Before it was known
What it was to be afraid.
When new upon this world
I hope
Demons do not lay waiting
Calling your name.

Nay, may yours be a walk
Through tender meadows
Starlight evenings,
And full moon nights.
And may you know that
Should you fall
Into the deepest of canyons, into
The darkest of life’s caves
Love will seek you
No matter how long you wander there,
Trust that love is stronger, faster, and swifter
And will always find you.

-Angel Marie Russell
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