What Guides You?

Do not allow desperation
To guide your mind,
Fear to whisper
In you ear what you
Should be,
Or should not.

Fear, you see,
Is merely an alarm
You have the power to
Turn it off,
When rooted in love.

Love grounds.
Love calms.
Love holds the whimpering mind,
And eases it’s sighs,
With warm embrace.

And if each of us
Remembered this power
That we are indeed
The very thread
With which love is
Our feet would take us on a path
Our hearts and minds make.
And our thoughts would
Grow limbs that reach outward
And touch others,
Through our hands and words.

It is our duty then,
Our responsibility,
That our hearts,
And thoughts,
Remember love

For when we allow despair
And fear
To guide us,
Where do our feet take us?
What sort of fruit
Do our thoughts grow?
Where do we
Lay our hands
When guided by fear?

It is up to us
To make the world.
That is the purpose,
With which we sprung to life.

We each have a hand
At the wheel.
Of this world.
I pray we choose love,
Over fear.
Embrace when in despair,
Because it is never about them.
They can’t solve the lack of love
Blame cannot solve the anger
That springs forth out of pain.
Revenge brings only
More of the same
In perpetuity. . .
Is pain to be our legacy?
Is fear to guide our choices?
Or love?
What would to world look like then?

It’s up to us,
And only,
forever going back
And ahead,
Has been.
Choose love
And first.
Then act.

-Angel Marie Russell
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