-Angel Marie Russell

It’s quite a thing really,
To sit at the fracture
Site of where my many selves
From here is quite a splendid
Vantage point.
To follow my many lives,
Each line a silver thread,
Each line in my many splendid web.

Some of the lines broken.
Some of them never end.
Some dive straight down,
Into the depths of my heart.
The narrow walls
Halls and bends,
All the way back
Past the many gates
And gardians,
Through the arbor,
Fruit petaled air,
To the most secret of all gardens,
You’ll find my true heart
waiting there.
A girl of only eight
Her sister also fair of hair
They guard the most treasured
Of all treasures,
My many splendid heart.
A dragon is their keeper.
The air is lighter there.
And clouds lift up off of
The canopy of many trees.
So forgive me
Should my eyes wander
And know
They ever always
Wander there.


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