Many Selves, Many Truths

Sometimes I slip To previous versions Of myself. It's easy. See, Because they aren't persons But moments in time, Where everything That happened In my whole life Combined In perfect Unity. Sometimes I slip To previous versions Of myself To further heal wounds that I couldn't At the time. These formers Of self Never die... Continue Reading →



When my momma died I'm not sure she knew She would. She was in line At the grocery. And just left her body. Doctor's were there And they tried But she was Bound and determined To die She left just as she did The last time I saw her Just before summer vacation And we... Continue Reading →

To My Many Selves

To my many selves, I want to love you. I want to heal all the tender Hurting parts. I want you to know how smart And funny you are, And how it's immeasurably okay That you take up space. I want you to know How cool I think it is that at eight You could... Continue Reading →

Love Protects

Fundamentally I believe We all deserve love. It is this belief That allowed me to love Even they that Would abuse me And Did. It was love that bade me Forgive, And stay, After words and fists Spoke their truth Of how that person wasn't giving love But pain. It was my belief That being... Continue Reading →


I never ceased loving you I never wondered without your Memory marking Every thought's caress I never stopped loving you Even after you departed Even Through the silent cavern Your absence Opened in my Own heart Through grief's storms I never loved you any less. I hated you for leaving, Yes. I wanted to murder... Continue Reading →


To truly be Who you are meant to be The self you were Told to be Must die. I've learned this: Dying unto Oneself Feels like Actual Death. This fight For your light, Life, Sovereignty, Begins the moment You give into the bleak, Surrendering, To this death. I've learned this: It turns out This death... Continue Reading →


It is love That pushes Babies from the nest It is love That wills Baby birds From tree limbs It is love That empowers And protects It is love That rejects Controlling Power And manipulation It is love Even sometimes When it doesn't Feel Nice You'll know The difference If the push Of love Helps... Continue Reading →

Fluidity of Self

I'm feeling a lot of doubt and shame. It's a familiar feeling. I confuse my shame with my truth. My shame for Existing, Being, Wanting, Needing. I was taught this doubt in self. I owned this teaching. I doubt. My truth Even still. Victim Survivor Entrapments of identity That serve to diminish That which is... Continue Reading →

Love Rooted

If you avoid confrontation You start a war In your own heart Yes, And When rooted in love Your temper Can be tempered To aim true Used as fuel To birth your own Revolution When love is present Anger is merely Fodder For action To change Speak clear. Mark your boundaries. If they are crossed,... Continue Reading →

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