Love seeking love
This is the answer
To the why

The search within
Where is love?
Why don’t I see it?
Why don’t I feel it?
Sister, brother,
You seek in a way
You will not find

Love is internal
An eternally lit flame
We block our eyes to its brightness
Blinded we seek the shade
There we run from shadows
There we believe our own
Startled lies
Fear sinks in
We forget
We lose a part of ourselves
We sit defeated
Forgetting the light
From whence we came
Our purpose blown out

We find fire
It warms us and burns
We cry out in anguish
We blame
And maim
we are lost in the pain

Warriors are made
Weaponized and armored
For what lurks in the dark?
Our fear entraps us
Keeps us in cloak
If only we could remember

What was it?
My purpose?
Nay fear prevents the answer
But it hums
In the background
And some of noble heart
Venture out despite the fear
They lash out at the brambles
Over grown in our hearts
And go further
Than the others ever dared

And slowly the darkness shifts
And there!
sparks of light
The shadow
They draw the lonesome
Warrior ever onward
Towards the light
And though blinded at first
She remembers
Why it was she chose to fight
At the end of darkness
A line of light
And stepping outwards
She sees beauty
Her own heart’s landscape
With eyes shot awake
Rivers, canyons, birds, and sky
Mountains evergreen

Oh this is love to witness
Such bliss
Break open my heart
And see
There is nothing to fear
Love is within
And it has always been

-Angel Marie Russell

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