The lessons I learn
And the things I speak
Are just as foreign to you
As they are to me
I am not the creator
But the created
I am the stroke of the pen
The paint wrought
Into being
A part
Of the whole
I am the vision
Of the visionary
I am what you are
I am nothing
And everything
I am empty
And whole
I am me and not me
I am you and you are me

Messages ascend on my
Sponge like heart
Seeking answers like kisses
Longing for a hole within
To be filled
Only to be filled
By the greater
By the connection
To the whole

We are as It is
Separate but the same
Love sprung to life
I am one breath
And absorbed
By the All
I am one beat of my
Mother’s eternal heart
I am matter
And divine
In Union
I am sublime
I am because you are
Separate but the same
In Love

-Angel Marie Russell

#pachamama #lovepoem
(Artist unknown)


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