I See You

When we are lost in dark thoughts we lose that feeling of worthiness and love. When we face that which makes us shudder we feel afraid and alone.

When we keep walking forward despite our agony we gain strength. No feeling is permanent and can and will shape us for the better, that being said…

I know what it is to ache. I know what it is to give up. I know what it is to decide to keep going.

I see you.

I see your strength. I see your beauty, not just on the outside, but within. I see you struggle and triumph. I see you go within to heal. I see you sing, like a song bird freed from its cage. I see you glow in darkness.

I see you devoted to love. I see a champion, a pioneer, a tender hearted warrior. I see an undefinable being existing only once in this plane.

I see the ripple affect of your actions sending love outwards beyond you. I see your strength when its presence might be alien to you.

It is there.

I see you are beyond words to describe your worth.

I see you are love.

I see your heart with all its cracks pouring out passion, creativity, love, beauty, presence, fortitude, and strength. I see my friend, my sister, I see you. ❤️🙏🏻

Allyssa Marie Milán.


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