I Burn 

artist unknown (if you know tell me!)
I burn
With a fire
That engulfs me
Raging and
It consumes flesh
Thoughts and

I burn
with an anger
That sends shock waves of heat
around this globe
That my Mother could be
Raped and
With peeling eyes
Ripping off her sacred robes

I rage
I fume
I break things with
Steel fists
I scream
Into the ether

How could they?
How can they?
These crimes affect all
These sorrows are sent down
And down further
Generations will
Despair in anguish
At this rape
For desire

I feel Her fury
I fear
Her fury
It consumes me
I rage
I could burst aflame
And destroy Her enemies
She through me
I am Her molten vessel
I am the truth bringer
The messenger
I feel Her rage
I fear
Her rage

Oh, Mother
I hear you
I feel you
I see you

I see your womanhood
Laid bare
I see your tears
Salted wounds
If I drain myself completely
Will it suffice?
How many must pay
For a few men’s crimes?
How many must suffer
At the hands of men’s lies

Mountains rumble in warning
Storm clouds spill and flood
Wind blows all asunder
Earth quakes in rage
To our disrespect

I feel Her call to arms
To protect
To defend
I armor my body with wishes
I split open my heart in Love
I bathe in smoke for camouflage
I pray in solidarity
For the protectors
Oh, but how I burn

#nodapl #istandwithstandingrock #standingrock #obama #whereisjustice


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