Why is it after we fall in love,
We loose that sense of awe,

That sense of wonderment?
That person that
And amazed us
Now annoys us

Why is when they grow familiar
A part of our hearts
Grows bored
Like love is a drug
To abuse
For selfishness

How can such a pure
and lovely thing
Turn sour
I look in my heart and see,
I feel unworthy.
I feel separate.
I search in others
To give me
What I should give
To Myself

This love
This intangible
And unknowable knowing
This love

This search and frenzy
This seek and devour
This loss that destroys
Oh love!

Oh, that I had the strength
To feel the amazement
Every single day!

Oh that I had the power
To give this to

This separateness is a lie
This unworthiness is fiction
Because my own heart is a beacon
Where love is called home
It cries out





Oh but tiny heart,
My fragile little bird
I love you.
I see in my capacity to love another
That indeed my heart can be loved too
I have this knowledge
How to love another
And if I can love another
I can love me too!

And this ache
This separation
That drags me to darker places
Can be loved out of me
Not by another
But by myself.
And then!

I am not empty but whole
I do not seek the glean that sucks me in
To lust
To rush
To bathe in seductive light

This love is eternal,
And true.

This love I have in abundance
So much so
That it boils over onto you!
I will never again be bored
My love!
I will never again grow tired
Of your visage
I will never again feel
I will never again feel alone.
My heart is as your heart.
My heart can love.
And you.
And the two are not exclusive.
I will spend everyday celebrating you
My love
I will spend everyday
Walking in awe
At the life you lead.
At the glimmering truth
Of you.

And should our love end?
I will continue loving you.
Because I loved you once
I can see past the pain
And love you again
And this is how we forgive
Not only our own hearts
But each others
Live in love
Breath in that awe
Breath out in amazement
That we are here
In love!


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