Breath through the birthing pains.
Someday you will look back,
And see how you survived,
And this moment that pains you now
Will become a source of strength.

It will show you your perseverance,
Your tenderness,
to be affected so greatly.

It will show you how you kept on fighting
despite the pain.
With gritted teeth and
You will see yourself through.

It will be messy and painful.
It will ache and pull at the fibers
of your being.
And you will see it through.

It will relentlessly
slam you into despair
Wave after wave
will knock you asunder.
And you will see yourself through.

And when you look back.
You will remember fondly
Your strength.
And your love will grow
Through this agony
For yourself.

And all this will be made clear
For though you don’t see
future you in this moment
That is who you are birthing.

And when looking ahead
If you only see ashes
Look closer

And there amongst the rubble
An armored fist will plunge upwards
And you will drag yourself out of this.

This feeling will not last forever.
This pain does not define you,
Breath fearless warrior
And bask in your glory
Found through this despair.
For though its presence
Seems far off
You’re already heading there.
And when that day comes
You will know
You have become.


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